Medipro 24

Personal Care

Sometimes performing personal care activities for a dear family member or friend can be challenging because some people feel unpleasant about a shift in their connection or uneasy performing the more personal tasks.

A carer giving personal care to a patient

What does it include?

We aim to make people feel better through this service, look forward to visits,
take pride in their appearance, reduce isolation, and preserve life’s dignity.

Oral hygiene

Our Personal Care Workers can help maintain daily oral hygiene and assist with regular visits to a local dentist.

Dressing & getting ready

We can support you or your loved one with ensuring a consistent routine that promotes independence and comfort.

Administering medication

According to recent statistics, 88% of people aged 65 and above in the UK are on at least one regular prescription.1 Our Care Workers check medication is taken safely and on time. Our care monitoring app provides digital reminders to ensure medication routines are upheld.

Applying lotions & creams

Whether you have specialist creams, want help with your hair or support with applying a cosmetic, our Personal Care Workers help maintain your appearance.

Changing a stoma/catheter

Holidays, day trips and visiting friends and family, your live-in carers can assist you with the organisation so that you can enjoy your planned time. Your carer will also ensure your needs are met, so that you don’t need to worry.

Personal hygiene

Our Care Workers provide a safe and respectful environment to maintain personal hygiene, whether you’d like a relaxing bath or a shower.

Hair care

We know how important hair care can be for self-esteem. We help ensure hair is clean and styled the way you like it. With our Companion Care, we can also take you to the hairdresser or arrange a visit at home.

Help going to the bathroom

We can support with continence. This can include simply going to the bathroom or supporting and encouraging the use of a commode, bed pan or continence pad. Our Teams are trained to reduce possible infection risks.

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