Medipro 24

Physical Disability Care

We provide a personalised service based on the person’s physical, emotional, and mental requirements and needs. This service is not based on rushing in and rushing out. It is about providing the best possible care require that will address clients’ needs and requirements.

Carer administering physical injure care to an elderly client

What does it include?

We aim to make people feel better through this service, look forward to visits,
take pride in their appearance, reduce isolation, and preserve life’s dignity.

Providing emotional and psychological support to each client including behaviour management and assistance with cognitive functions

Support with medication

Waking or sleeping night service.

Pension collection, escorting and bill payment.

Respite care.

Help with housekeeping, shopping, and client’s personal affairs.

Day sitting service.

Support with meal planning and shopping.

Support with feeding.

Personal Care - dressing and undressing, getting up and going to bed including health monitoring in both mental and physical health including grooming.

The benefits of choosing MediPro24