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Sensory Impairment Care

Sensory impairment can lead to feelings of isolation and frustration, which can in-turn result in further health problems such as anxiety and depression. Our carer is familiar with the issues caused by a loss of a sense and understand the benefits of a considered approach to care planning and delivery.

What does it include?

We aim to make people feel better through this service, look forward to visits,
take pride in their appearance, reduce isolation, and preserve life’s dignity.

The Sensory Impairment Team provides services in the community to residents with significant sight and/or hearing loss.
The team has specialists in sight impairments, hearing impairments and dual sensory loss; together they provide an efficient and dedicated service promoting independence and wellbeing.

Practical support and training, to learn skills to remain independent both at home and outdoors.

Tuition in using a white cane, crossing roads, teaching new routes, shopping and using public transport.

Help in accessing equipment to help you manage daily life.

Advice and referrals to other services that may be able to help increase independence and wellbeing.

Specialist information and equipment to help you manage in your own home.

Support from a Social Worker for the Deaf to assist with practical and social challenges.

Assessment for care and support, such as provision of direct payments or personal budgets.

Specialist training and advice on mobility, both indoors and outdoors in order to increase confidence and safety.

Help with communication difficulties such as reading, writing, using the telephone and assistive technology.

Referrals onto other appropriate services.

Lighting and environmental adaptations to maximise vision and increase safety.

Advice and information about organisations/agencies and activities available locally.

If you need an assessment for a magnifier, this can be provided by your local eye unit. If you are not already known to the eye unit a referral can be made via your GP.

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