Medipro 24

At Medipro24, we are committed to providing our clients with the best possible care and support. We have a wide range of services available, including domiciliary care, respite care and palliative care. We also offer a variety of financial support options to help our clients afford the care they need.

What are the benefits of the free day service?

Our free day service offers a number of benefits, including :

  1. A break for you from the day-to-day demands of caregiving.
  2. Peace of mind knowing your loved one is in safe hands.
  3. The opportunity for your loved one to socialize and participate in activities that they enjoy.

Understanding the value we provide

To get the most out of the free day service, it is important to plan ahead. Talk to us about the specific needs of your loved ones or their interests, we will then assess these needs and create the most suitable plan that is tailored to each individual’s requirement. Paying utmost attention to each clients needs is one of the reasons why we’re a top domiciliary care agency in London who work with passionate professionals. To help our clients with subsequent payments after the free trial service, we provide financial support advice to help pay for home care.

How to Pay For Homecare

  1. Self Funding
  2. NHS Continuing Healthcare
  3. Attendance Allowance
  4. Personal Independent Payment (PIP)
  5. Industrial Injuries Disablement (IIDB)
  6. Constant Attendance Allowance (CAA)
  7. Carers Allowance (CA)
  8. Pension Credit

How to Get Started

We’re just a phone call away! Call us to find out more on how to register and get the offer.

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