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Domiciliary care is a growing industry that provides essential services to people who need care in their own homes. This blog post provides an overview of the latest news and trends in domiciliary care, including new services and technologies, government initiatives, and research on the benefits of domiciliary care.

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Top trending news in domiciliary healthcare include:

  • New domiciliary care services and technologies: There are a number of new domiciliary care services and technologies being developed that are making it easier and more effective to provide care in the home. For example, there are new telecare systems that allow care providers to monitor their clients remotely and there are also new robotic devices that can help with basic tasks.
  • Government initiatives to support domiciliary care: Governments around the world are increasingly recognizing the importance of domiciliary care, and they are developing a range of initiatives to support the sector. For example, in the UK, the government has introduced a new domiciliary care funding scheme that will provide more support to people who need care in their own homes.
  • Research on the benefits of domiciliary care: A growing body of research is showing that domiciliary care has a number of benefits for both clients and their families. For example, research has shown that domiciliary care can help people to live longer and healthier lives, and it can also help to reduce the burden on families.

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